3 Compartment Sink Sanitizer Made by Chem Mark, Inc.

A 3-compartment sink is one of the most necessary equipment for restaurants and food-service business in compliance with FDA. It is like it sounds, 3 compartments set up side by side. The three-compartment sink is crucial for quick and effective manual warewashing.

This system provides the three-sink operation of dish cleaning which includes washing, sanitizing and drying. With proper cleaning agents that have used in each sink, the result will be washed, rinsed and sanitized glass and dishware ready for air drying in the rack.

3 Comp Sink Types

There are 2 basic types based on appearance and space required.

  • Straight / Line Sinks have mostly used in restaurants and food-service business.
  • Corner Sinks have rarely used, and they are more expensive than straight/line sinks.


Space is crucial for food business or restaurants. Must be cautious when you choose the commercial sink for the food facilities. Calculate free area that you can use for installation of the triple sink. The length depends on free kitchen space that you have in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop. The 72 to 93 inches are most used length for the 3-comp sink.


It’s very significant from which type of material commercial sink has made. Sink has typically made from stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 430.

  • The 304 stainless steel is the most common type used in the restaurants. The high percentage of chromium and nickel makes a bright shine for 304 stainless steel. Plus, is very resistant to corrosion and rust. But, it’s susceptible to corrosion caused by exposure to salt.
  • The 430 stainless steel is a much less used than 304 type of steel. It’ has a small percentage of nickel and it’s not so corrosion resistant as 304 stainless steel.


Besides stainless steel, every compartment sink is made from special gauge steel too. It is a measurement of the metal thickness. Lower gauges mean thicker steel. These are the 3 main types of the gauge steel.

  • 14 gauge stainless steel (highest grade) is the thickest material and the toughest. They have the highest durability. It also stands up to hard water.
  • 16 gauge stainless steel (high grade) is a medium grade material and it is appropriate for sinks that require strong legs.
  • 18 gauge stainless steel (good grade) is the thinnest material and suitable for soft water areas.


Depending on the volume of your business or needs and finances, you can buy 3 types of the restaurant sink:

  • Sink without drainboards is ideal for bars, clubs or restaurants with limited space
  • Sink with 1 drainboards makes an area for drying dishes or stacking up dirty ones
  • Sink with 2 drainboards provides space for drying dishes or pilling up the dirty dishes on both sides of the commercial sink

Backsplash Type

The backsplash is an integral part of 3 compartment sink. Backsplash guard is necessary for protecting the wall surface and facilitate cleaning.  Splash dimension depends on the faucet’s holes size. There are several types of the backsplash. From smallest 4.5 inches to the largest 11.75 inches. Most used splash is 7 inches.


Simple fact, commercial sink without faucet is useless. Today, exist so many types, size or designee of the tap. The 2 based faucets are deck mounted (mounted on the top of the sink deck) and wall mounted (mounted through the wall/sink backsplash). Here, we will be dealing with a triple sink faucet. 4 main types of commercial faucet are:

  • Standard swing spout is an elegant, suitable solution, allowing you to move the nozzle to get water into multiple sections.
  • Goosenecks makes more space for a sizable heavy dish.
  • Workboard faucets contain risen escutcheon below the handles and spout. Still, they are efficiencies like a similar standard swing spot or goosenecks.
  • Pre-rinse faucets are best for detail cleaning the blasting food parts of dishes before washing.

Compartment Sink Strainers

Pre-rinse basket and strainers are perfect for preventing drain clogs in industrial kitchen sinks. It also stops food remaining’s and other debris from pilling up in drain lines and flor sinks. The filter is made from plastic, and simple for install.

Triple Sink Accessories

Some of the restaurant sinks contain holes for multiple faucets and some with only one set. Think about the reach of the valve and if you need to have a separate spray rinse next to a tap. In the backsplash, the holes can be drilled to customize the gooseneck, nozzle or pre-rinse faucets. The most suitable 3 bay sinks are with one or two drainboards. They can be used for different purposes, from drying dishes to making free table space.

NSF Certification

It is critical that you can guarantee for water, food and other consumer products on a daily basis. The perfect solution is to have NSF sign on your commercial sink. That means that the products you use fulfilled rigorous standards for public health protection.

Selecting a triple sink certified by NSF you be sure that you can rely on strict standards and procedures during the testing of a quality and other criteria.

3 Compartment Sink Preparation

You should be careful and precise during the process of preparation for manual warewashing. Follow these 4 steps:

Step #1 – Usage

Take off any waste, clean the section and start with the process.

Step #2 – Compartment 1

Fill compartment with water about 120-degrees F and pour an adequate quantity of detergent.

Step #3 – Compartment 2

Fill second compartment with clean water about 120-degree. Drain and reload sink when it becomes full of dirt or suds.

Step #4 – Compartment 3

Fill the sink with water and pour an adequate amount of sanitizer. At the end of this process, check the sanitizers strength by a test kit, and adjust the mixture as needed. For testing correct concertation of sanitizer use sanitizer test strips.

How to Manually Warewash?

Wash in the 1st Compartment

You should use a brush or cloth to remove dirt. It’s required to change the water and detergent when the water becomes dirty.

Warning: Never use hands or nails to take off or scrape off food and dirt.

Rinse in the 2nd Compartment

Soak the load in the water or spray-rinse items. Then, clear away remaining food or detergent and change the water when it appears as dirty or full of suds.

Sanitize in the 3rd Compartment

Dunk dishes in the sanitizer sink for a proper length of time.

Warning: Never rinse dishes after sanitizing, the water will clean off the sanitizer.

Dry the Dishes on Drainboard

Put them upside down so they can drain and don’t wipe them dry

Swing Mark – 3 Compartment Sink Sanitizer Made by Chem Mark, Inc.

If you own the restaurant, coffee shop or other food-service business you must obey all FDA health standards. With so many dishes you need to wash manually, it is a waste of time, energy and most important for your business – the money.

Permanent calculating to make a suitable mixture of detergent and sanitizer can be stressed and cumbersome in the restaurant kitchen during busy weekend nights.

So, to be a satisfied owner and to have happy customers and clients choose and install the Swing Mark.

Why Install Swing Mark?

Install Swing Mark, because it is a fully automatic control sanitation valve that can supply each sink with required detergent, sanitizer, and water. It is easy to set up and adjust to standard sinks and faucets.

The counterpart sanitizers for the 3-compartment sink contains pushing buttons or hand pumps to pour detergent and sanitizer to the sink. Swing Mark everything makes automatically and efficiency.

5 Reason Why to Choose Swing Mark Sanitation Valve

  • Don’t use the power supply or batteries = SAVES ENERGY;
  • Without measuring and speculation that makes delay in the work, you just set the valve in “flow” position, and it starts automatically = SAVES TIME;
  • Use precise portion control of the chemicals = SAVES MONEY;
  • Sanitizer and detergent mixed with the water pour in suitable sink = SAFETY;
  • Forget you need to push the buttons, tablets, powder, spoons, and faucets. Simple move dispensing section and you finished = AUTOMATIZATION and SIMPLICITY;

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