CMA Dishmachines Model B

Double Rack or Corner Double Rack Dishmachine

High volume double rack. Washes over 80 racks or 320 covers per hour. Uniquely designed corner model configuration. Economical and energy efficient.

Double Rack Dish Machine
  • 80 racks / 320 covers per hour

  • Large 20-1/2″ clearance for dishes

  • Economical to operate. Uses as little as .97 gallons of water per rack

  • All stainless steel construction assures long life and years of trouble free operation

  • Unique spray arm system features upper and lower stainless steel wash arms with reinforced end caps. Specially designed pull pins allow wash arms to be easily removed for cleaning

  • Pump purging system improves results by eliminating soil and chemical carryover during rinse cycle

  • Top mounted controls include built-in chemical pumps and deliming system that assures proper chemical usage

  • Auto start/stop makes operation safe and easy

  • Built-in Poly ProTMscrap accumulator with all stainless steel drawer prevents food soil from entering drain system

  • Water inlet comes with built-in strainer, prevents debris from clogging the water valve

  • Stainless steel impeller offers extended life and service

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