Commercial Washer Quick Guide

Commercial washers are designed with a less attention to their look and overall presentation. This is common since they are made more for business, which is mainly to accomplish long-life and more often use.

As they are built for washing large quantities or large-scale use, commercial washers are suitable for use in hospitals, hotels, laundromats, or other business and organization that get loads of laundries for everyday washing.

Because they are used for more complicated operations they are usually set up in the long row. The setup should have access at the back of the washer in the condition that is required for repair and maintenance.

Types of Commercial Washers

There are 4 main types of commercial washers

1) Top Loader

A top loader has a door on the top where laundry gets in. It is simpler to use that many front loader since you don’t have to bend down to put laundry inside. A top loader usually has a drum inside with an agitator that produces the washing running. This is most commonly used types in our country because of simple usage.

There are many advantages to using a top loader, as a being able to block process and toss something you forgot, as a shorter washing process and has a more space for a larger article such as bedspreads, coats or blankets.

2) Front Loader

A front wash loader puts the laundry from a front side. Somebody who works in a laundry facility may have a difficulty to bend down over and over to put and empty laundry from the machine. Anyway, they are more efficient for energy and water usage.

Because of the horizontally placed inner basket in the front loader, it doesn’t need to be filled entirely with water to run action. It needs about 30% less water from the top loader.

3) Washer Extractor

A washer-extractor is industrial washing machine that is frequently used in healthcare facilities and hotels. It is able to bring up more water with a small amount of energy than a typical washer.

It is also well known as a side loader since it has an approach door at the end of the cylinder cage. After the washing operation, the load of laundry is moved to a separate hydro extractor. Extractors can perform permanent bash washing.

There are 2 types of washer-extractors:

  1. Hardmount Washer-Extractors (specialized for ground-floor laundries).
  2. Softmount Washer-Extractors (used for specialized applications).

4) Tunnel Washer (Continuous Bash Washer)

Tunnel Washer is an industrial machine that is used in high volume laundry facilities. Piles of laundry can be processed with a constant output from soiled to dry at predetermined intervals. They have also called continuous bash washer. This type of the commercial appliance has a different section that is responsible for each step of the laundering operation. It can control temperature, dip level, and chemicals for customized loads.

Hardmount Washer-Extractor or Softmount Washer-Extractor

Hardmount washer-extractors are most common in the industries such as healthcare facilities, hotels, and other standard ground-floor laundries. They are screwed to the concrete floor and have a proven fantastic wash result. Capacity range from 20 to 100 lb.

Soft-mount is best for a 2nd floor where hard mount isn’t a solution. It contains a heavy-duty suspension absorbs vibration without a need for special basis, and special construction made from stainless steel stops the washer finishing from corroding. This machine is about 30% more expensive than hard mount washer. Capacity reaches from 14 to 65 lb.

The capacity of Commercial Washers

Depending on the type, manufacturer and function commercial washers have different sizes.

We will present the average capacity for 4 types of commercial washers.

  1. Top Loader  – 12 lb.
  2. Front Loader – 14 lb.
  3. Soft Amount Washer – 30 lb.
  4. Hard Amount Washer – 60 lb.

Choose ENERGY STAR for Laundries

Picking energy efficiency certified commercial washers for your business will save you a lot of bucks and get better laundry washing results and quality.

Make your business more attractive for current and prospective customers. As a result of the newest cutting-edge functions commercial washers with energy saving will please all customers’ requirements plus:

  • Higher Price Charging – Because most of these commercial machines have more capacity than standard appliances, so you can charge more and boost
  • Save your Money and Energy – U.S. Department of Energy claims that energy star devices can decrease your device energy usage, and costs, from 10% to 50 %.
  • More Productive – Energy star certified washer can wash more laundry in a single load,
  • Extended Laundry Quality – Most energy efficiency washers are made without an agitator, which provides a softer wash than a commercial machine with an agitator.

Water Efficiency

Saving water = saving money. Alliance for Water Efficiency claims that more than 50% technical expense of commercial washing facilities come from water and water costs.

A significant number of commercial laundries have moved to more productive washers, some using a small amount as a 2,4 gallon of water per pound, anyhow this has a low impact on energy costs. High performing appliances can decrease a quantity of water needed by 50%. Latest federal regulars and instructions induce a tendency for laundromat owners migrating to a bigger horizontal axis washers or front loaders in their laundries. These washers score better on the Water Scale and produce superior performing and higher energy savings.

These new washers completely finish wash process using only a 10 gallon of water by a load. That is impressive decreasing from usual 33 to 37 gallons per load for non-horizontal axis washers.

It is demanding to calculate the water savings with new machines because calculation needs to take into account frequency of use estimates. Experience of the owners says that each device runs about 5 to 7 loads per day.

It is proved by Alliance for Water Efficiency that a changing single loader with multi-loaders will provide significant water savings.

By reducing the amount of water used for smaller or limited customer loads you provide less water expenses and your machine is quick free for another customer.

Applying a wash water treatment system in your business will also improve your water savings. Restoring and reusing water for primary wash phases can save approximately 40 to 50% of complete water use. Choosing the right kind of system to your facility is a key for permanent progress in your business.

Tips How to Choose Right Commercial Washer for your Business

Be Ready for the Market

The commercial washing business can be very profitable once you invest in buying quality commercial washers that support high-quality service for your customers. Fulfilling the market is one the smartest ways to make your business grow while producing profits at the same time.

With the constantly changing technological world, the laundry industry develops with high-quality machines that adopt smart electronic features that the market and customers are looking for.

Every business stuff must be very creative and original especially in this industry where customers have a lot of expectations, and you should satisfy customers needs by having an efficient commercial washer that is able to perform the customers’ demands.

The Best Ways for Choosing your Commercial Washer

When you are buying commercial laundry machine consider product price, the type of market you are in and what are the demands of the market and customers.

These 3 ways can help you in selecting commercial washers:

  1. Market Research

You must research your market if you want to avoid the mistakes that your business competitors make. Supplying what’s already on the market will be a cumbersome task for you, especially since, you don’t have something new to draw their attention. The market permanently is searching for something unique and special to boost existing services, and if you can provide satisfying and quality service, you will score and became a serious player in laundry industry.

  1. Listen the Dealers Advices

Visiting a various dealer will offer more information that helps to make the right choice for business. Try to find trustworthy dealer to informs you about the price and what is the suitable washing machine for your needs.

  1. Calculate Info from Dealers Before Purchasing

After visiting different dealers, consider the feedback that you get from them and decide reasonable what is the best for your business.

And There is Even More to Consider

Buying a commercial washer shouldn’t be just a task of just visiting a dealer and obtaining without some crucial information which contains:

Commercial Washer Size – selecting the best size of the appliance, since you are dependent on the size of your working area and the capability you want from the machine.

Buy from a Certified Dealer – It is wiser that you purchase the commercial washer from a reliable dealer where you can get quality and a long-life appliance and a dealer that you can get the best industrial cleaning products such as solids, liquids, and powders.

Price – Price of the commercial laundry machine is significant for any buyer. Double-check your finance and search for a commercial washer that you can afford and the most productive for your costs. Don’t buy the cheapest or overpriced unit that may harm your finances and your future business affairs.

Machine Type – There so many different types of commercial machines, be cleaver and choose best suitable that provides you with both quality and efficiency.

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